Welcome to Shelter Pines!

Families working cross-culturally are often overwhelmed with spiritual, social and material needs. Life situations, outreach responsibilities, and spiritual battles put pressure on marriages and family relationships.

Returning to the U.S. for a “furlough,” these families travel thousands of miles, often by car, to speak with churches and individuals, raise support, take care of medical, dental and educational needs, purchase hard to find items, visit family members, and more. The entire family is on display 24 hours a day. These pressures, home and abroad, are leading to more cases of burn-out, dangerous fatigue, and premature departures from the field.

Does this sound like you?

These courageous laborers need care. Shelter Pines was founded in 2001 to “provide the poor wanderer with shelter.” Isaiah 58:6,7. We provide a place where weary warriors can recover their energy and renew their vision; a place where they can reconnect as families, and linger with Jesus, so that He can meet with them and speak to their soul and spirit. It’s a safe place to rest, walk, pray, read, play with your kids, get re-acquainted with your spouse, evaluate, renew and regroup.

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